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DWI Defense by Ex-Prosecutor

Syracuse DWI Lawyers

Ex-Prosecutors to Defend Complex Cases

We Defend with Knowledge and Experience

DWI charges are serious and complex. With decades of experience as prosecutors and defense lawyers, the DWI Defense Team at Azria & Bruffett is well suited to help you get past the charges you are facing. 

When you hire Azria & Bruffett to defend your case, you gain access to over 50 years of combined experience on all sides of the criminal justice system. This extensive experience and collaboration among attorneys within our firm helps your us deliver effective and creative DWI defense strategies.

Good Listeners

We Work With You

Part of our commitment to you as a person is our dedication to being available for you whenever you have a question or concern. Prompt client communication is a founding principles of our firm. Prompt communication helps us provide a personalized defense, specific to your circumstances.

Answer Questions

We Ensure You Understand

Getting through a DWI charge is confusing. The better you understand your case, the less daunting the process will be for you. Accordingly, your attorney will review the legal basis o the charges, ensure that you understand your case, and the potential impact on your life.

During your case evaluation and defense strategy session, your attorney will also review the possible outcomes of your case and identify any challenges that might arise to reach that outcome.

Each case is different and each client is an individual and we always act accordingly.

Trusted Counselors

We Always Act in Your Interests

Your attorney will work tirelessly to achieve the most favorable outcome for your case. Most DWI cases are settled after negotiation, and our attorneys have successfully negotiated countless cases in numerous jurisdictions all over New York State.

Our extensive experience ensures that an intelligent and productive approach will be employed to effectively defend your rights. Though our attorneys are highly skilled negotiators, if negotiations fail, you can rest easy knowing that you have a trial-seasoned DWI Defense Team ready to give you your day in court.

Need help with a DWI charge?

It is important to learn about the charge and act fast to minimize the impact on your life.

Our experienced traffic defense DWI are always available for a complimentary case evaluation and defense strategy session.

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 Posted by: Yervand to Avvo


Seth was referred by an excellent lawyer from Cleveland, OH and I found his services remarkable. He delivered more then he promised. I guess that what makes any client happy. Thank you Seth, I wish we had more professionals like you in this country.

 Posted by: a client to Avvo

lawyer review

Mr. Bruffett was a lawyer that I could depend on; he returned phone calls, answered questions, and advised me. He explained the legal process. I am very thankful for his expertise, during this difficult time. Without Mr. Bruffett's assistance, my outcome wouldn't have have been as favorable.

 Posted by: a client to Avvo

Would recommend to anyone

Seth Azria was recommended to me by a friend. I can't say enough about how well I was treated, his responsiveness, and how my case was handled. My first call to him was on 12/22/14 and we met the same day. My first and last date in court was 1/15/15. The outcome was better than I ever expected it could be and would recommend him to anyone.